COOLLAUNCH.IO vision regards the Importance of User Experience and User Interface (UI/UX)

COOLLAUNCH.IO has set herself a clear goal of making the fairest opportunity, easy to use and accurate IDO platform. By saying that, it is important to understand why we invest many efforts to make things much better by awesome UI/UX.

Let’s talk about UI/UX:

User Interface (UI):

UI design is about using typography, images, and other visual design elements to turn a basic interface into something digestible and usable, that is how each element of the product will look, including buttons, placeholders, text, images, checkboxes, and any visual interface elements people interact with.

UI focuses on a product’s aesthetic aspects — color palettes, button styles, animation, graphics, typography, diagrams, widgets, and many other elements to make the websites, applications, plugins, themes, etc. look neat and clean while still being intuitively functional to the user.

User Experience (UX):

User experience is the overall experience a user has with a company’s products or services. Good and bad user experience design is determined by how easy or difficult it is to interact with each element or aspect of a product or service.

UX design mainly involves research to understand things like customer pain points, potential market gaps, and competitor analysis. Besides focusing on a deep understanding of users and unmet market needs, UX also takes into account the business goals and objectives to build products that align with the company’s visions and missions. UX best practices improve user interactions and perceptions of products and services as desired by the company.

So what’s the differences between UI/UX?

At the most basic level, UI is made up of all the elements that enable someone to interact with a product or service. UX, on the other hand, is what the individual interacting with that product or service takes away from the entire experience.

How COOLLAUNCH.IO improves this space?

COOLLAUNCH.IO hired 2 design experts with absolute knowledge in “user mind thinking”. Our designers started to work on design after reviewing dozens of Crypto platform from all sectors (IDO, Farming, Staking, CEX, DEX etc’).

After deeply reviewing it, testing each button and function we have written a full report with to-do and not-to-do list. With that list, we started to write up our working plan and insert many elements that our designers decided it’s a must to have based on their wide experience in the start-ups nation which they have in the top B2C startups.

So What’s Next?

COOLLAUNCH.IO is in their final tuning of completing the UI/UX and estimated it to be ready in the following days.

All our team are super excited of releasing it and bringing our hard to live soon and hope our community enjoy it!

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